A reason to celebrate...
Throughout your life you navigate a series of major landmarks - your first day at school, passing your driving test, your first day at work. Undoubtedly though, your most memorable day is the day you get married, and celebrate entering into a lifelong commitment to your partner. It's a day we at The Regency Hotel take very seriously and to make sure it's the most wonderful time of your life we can offer the perfect wedding day package, tailored to your exact requirements.
Exceptional cuisine...
L'expérience Restaurant will form the focus for your reception. It's an elegant and inviting room which can cater for up to 60 diners in sumptuous comfort. Behind the scenes our highly skilled chefs will be preparing your wedding meal. Whatever your dietary requirements we promise you won't be disappointed. We use only the best, fresh ingredients and never compromise on quality.
A night to remember... for everybody!
The accommodation within the Regency Hotel and at our sister hotel the Penta ­ a little further along the promenade ­ is of a very high standard.
Why not make your wedding night that little bit extra special by booking our magnificent Presidential Suite. We believe it to be the finest facility of its kind on the Island offering state of the art facilities coupled with sheer luxury. Wedding guests can also take advantage of concessionary rates in the hotels which represent outstanding value.
If you have chosen another venue we can still offer you the wedding rates for any visiting family or friends subject to availability.
Marriage/Civil Partner Ship Venue
The Regency has two areas that can be licenced for the solemnization of civil marriages and the formation of civil partnerships.
They are the reception area, maximum of 40 guests and the restaurant with a maximum of 50 guests. An application and fee with inspection has to be made for each marriage/civil partnership.
The Regency conducted the first civil partnership in an approved location on the 1st October 2011 and we have hosted many more since. The big advantage over the more traditional ceremony is everything is under one roof, no cars needed, one set of flowers and more importantly one point of contact to discuss and agree all the requirements and details.
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